Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to help you achieve optimal oral health now and maintain it into the future. Jackson Square Dentistry is goal oriented, ethical, practical, and cost effective. Dr. Katz is focused on your comfort, overall health, and stability.

Periodic Exams

To help achieve our philosophy, we encourage annual periodic exams. A Periodic Exam (check-up) is an excellent way to minimize or prevent major dental problems from developing. It also allows Dr. Katz to monitor your oral health and make any adjustments necessary.

Our Approach

It is important to identify your dental goals and work together with you to achieve them. Your lifestyle may have an effect on your mouth. We can help you prioritize and formulate a plan and routine that works for you, to achieve long lasting oral health.

Our Principal Goals

Optimal Health

A state of optimal well-being, with the absence of disease, deterioration and discomfort.


The strength and durability to avoid negative change or deterioration.


Working and operating appropriately in a biological environment.


A pleasing and attractive appearance.

Confidence in your health and your smile are important to us.