Green Dentistry

Green Dentistry San Francisco, CA

Preventing solid waste and pollution wherever possible.

Green DentistryGreen Dentistry offers you the latest in technology for the health of your mouth while minimizing any procedures that might negatively affect the health of your community and the planet.

You might not think the average dental practice produces much waste. However when you consider the volume of water used during treatments, the dozens of latex gloves and plastic disposables needed for sanitary purposes, and the large amount of materials deemed by OSHA to be hazardous it’s easy to see that traditional dentistry is not the most eco-friendly business.

Green dentistry, aka eco-dentistry, seeks to shrink the environmental footprint by:

  • reducing waste and pollution,
  • saving water, energy and money,
  • utilizing high-tech innovations, and
  • supporting a wellness lifestyle.

Green dentistry focuses on preventing solid waste and pollution wherever possible, conserving water while maintaining the highest standards in water quality, and saving energy by using energy-efficient tools and fixtures. We practice the Green to help provide environmentally better service.