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Jeffrey Sully

Jeffrey Sully Art Opening March 15th 2013

Jeffrey Sully Art Opening March 15th 2013 Paintings and Works on Paper January 28 – March 30 2013 Jackson Square Dentistry 586 Washington Street San Francisco, CA 94111 415.776.4133 6pm – 8pm About Jeffrey Sully Jeffrey Sully began his artistic work in high school. At first he produced innovative and unusual sculptures from found materials, […]

Smiling Girl with Healthy Teeth

5 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Teeth at Home

Parents typically provide oral hygiene care until the child is old enough to take personal responsibility for the daily dental health routine of brushing and flossing. A proper regimen of home preventive care is important from the day your child is born. Clean your infant’s gums with a clean, damp cloth. Ask your dentist if […]

Little Boy

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

When should my child first see a dentist, and why? The ideal time is six months after your child’s first (primary) teeth erupt. This time frame is a perfect opportunity for us to carefully examine the development of your child’s mouth. Because dental problems often start early, the sooner the visit the better. To safeguard […]

Smiling Boy

Sealants for Kids

Simply Good Parenting Of course we want the best for our children, and most of us work at good parenting every day: quality schools, solid values, a sense of family. Time and money may put limits on what we can do for our kids’ health and happiness, but not when it comes to sealants. Sealants […]

Children Brushing Teeth

Children’s Teeth Q&A

Answers to some frequently-asked questions: Q: Why do we have two sets of teeth? A: A child needs teeth long before his or her jaw is big enough to accommodate the full set of adult teeth. Baby, or deciduous, teeth are “starters” in every sense of the word. Q: Why worry about cavities if baby […]